Football players are more likely to be better athletes if they play on a turf field. Throughout the football season your training area is crucial in order to perform well. majority of football players are very fit and athletic, however if players perform of a grass field they are more prone to an injury and slip up especially on rainy days. Having a turf field will not only keep your players more safe but will improve their overall ability to perform on the field.

Turf fields at every high school across the nation would improve football players skills tremendously. A turf field will allow athletes to run faster due to the flat surface and do not have to worry about any divots in the field. With most grass fields in the U.S. after a rain storm the field is vacant and is not to be used. This will make players miss valuable training time or games that would have to be rescheduled. Turf fields have millions of “beads” in the field which gives it somewhat of a padding which will allow players to jump higher and cushion big falls. Also with turf fields Their are perfectly measured boundaries that are clearly visible to the spectators and player. This give the players more awareness on the field and gives referee’s better judgement on the field as well as less labor because those lines on grass fields have to be resprayed every week. overall every football player would perform at a higher level and increase their skill if they played on a turf field.

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

The analogy that I am going to discuss that life is like a box of chocolates. A box of chocolates contains a variety of shapes and flavors which are randomly put together. This is similar to “life” because everyday you have a choice weather it is to go to work or to do your homework that day and to take responsibility of those actions. In a box of chocolates you have a choice of what chocolate you want to taste. Another interpretation of this analogy is that “you never know what you’re going to get” which simply means life is full of suprises. Everyday holds a different outcome and one does not know what the day is going to bring them. This is closely related to a box of chocolates because in every box there is a random assortment of chocolates which you have no idea what the type of chocolate it will be. A box of chocolates is related to life due to the fact that it is full of surprises and choices inside.

Would you allow your children to listen to Eminem?

Eminem who is a hip/hop artist, is one of the worlds most popular icon for rap music in the twenty first century. From someone who has listened to the rapper for many years I would not allow my children to listen to his music. Since the early 2000’s Eminem has based his music on violence and also has a very limited vocabulary in his songs. In several of his songs he expresses many ways to hurt or even kill women. In one of his most recent albums he odes to kill women with machine guns, which is an improvement from one of his albums in the early 2000’s in which he sang about choking a “slut” to death. He also portrays an image of him being hostile towards his wife and even saying he “wants to see his mother burn in hell.”

Throughout his career he has attained billions of views and released multiple albums, this gave him lots of respect towards the fact that he holds a certain status in that community. Also being labeled as the 2013 MTV Global icon of the year many young people would look up to him. This gives a very diluted influence to the youth because of the profanities he includes in his music. Therefore I would not let my kids listen to his music because of his hostality towards women and lots of violence in general which is not ok in this society, and it is being accepted as normal.